• New York, 1946. Lillian Pentecost, la détective privée la plus renommée de Manhattan, n'est plus toute jeune et a besoin d'un allié digne de ce nom. Le hasard fait qu'elle croise la route d'une certaine Willowjean Parker, une petite fugitive travaillant dans un cirque, capable de manier les couteaux comme personne.

    Willowjean ne peut décliner le salaire mirobolant que Ms. P lui offre pour mener les enquêtes en tandem. À peine embauchée, elle se voit embarquée dans une mission délicate pour élucider le meurtre d'une jeune veuve de la haute société, retrouvée morte chez elle après une consultation avec une voyante. L'arme du crime : la boule de cristal...

    Décor délicieusement rétro, enquête endiablée et duo de femmes irrésistible. Du cosy crime vintage addictif !


    B>b>"Stephen Spotswood hard-boils with the best of ''em!"--Alan Bradley, bestselling author of the Flavia de Luce Mystery Series/b>b>br>/b>br>b>Someones put a blade in the back of the Amazing Tattooed Woman, and Willowjean Will Parkers former knife-throwing mentor has been stitched up for the crime. To uncover the truth, Will and her boss, world-famous detective Lillian Pentecost;,;travel south into a snakepit of old grudges, small-town crime, and secrets worth killing for.;/b>/b>br>br>New York, 1946: The last time Will Parker let a case get personal she walked away with a broken face, a bruised ego, and the solemn promise never again to let her heart get in the way of her job. But she called Hart and Halloways Travelling Circus and Sideshow home for five years, and Ruby Donner, the circuss tattooed ingenue, was her friend. To make matters worse the prime suspect is Valentin Kalishenko, the man who taught Will everything she knows about putting a knife where it needs to go.;br> To uncover the real killer and keep Kalishenko from a date with the electric chair, Will and Ms. Pentecost join the circus in sleepy Stoppard, Virginia, where the locals like their cocktails mild, the past buried, and big city detectives not at all. The two swiftly find themselves lost in a funhouse of lies as Will begins to realize that her former circus compatriots arent playing it straight, and that her murdered friend might have been hiding a lot of secrets beneath all that ink.;br> Dodging fistfights, firebombs, and flying lead, Will puts a lot more than her heart on the line in the search of the truth. Can she find it before someone stops her ticker for good?br> Step right up! Murder Under Her Skin is a delightfully hardboiled high-wire act starring two daring heroines dead set on justice.